Life of Pine; Survival of the Fittest

In April of 2017 I participated in the International Wildlife Film Festival Filmmaker's Lab in Missoula, Montana. Myself and four other filmmaker's produced a film about the fascinating research being conducted by Dr. Diana Six at the University of Montana. How much damage are tiny bark beetles capable of? Is there hope for the future? Watch the film to find out.

How to Identify a Salamander in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Dr. William Sutton of Tennessee State University walks viewers through the steps he takes to identify salamanders in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He uses morphology, habitat, and coloration to categorize specimens into different families, genera, and species.

Ranavirus and Chytrid Fungus Prevalence in Southern Appalachian Salamanders

Researchers from the University of Tennessee's Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Department are investigating ranavirus and chytrid fungus prevalence in amphibians found in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. No other place on Earth has more salamander species than the Southern Appalachians, and, with deadly diseases contributing to the decline of amphibians worldwide, the University of Tennessee is looking into how these diseases affect amphibians in their own back yard.

*Featuring an interview with Dr. Matt Gray, Professor of Wildlife Ecology at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Connecting Urban Communities with Nature at San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge

In February 2015 I attended the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) Summit in San Diego, California. As a college scholarship recipient, the week-long program included shooting, editing, and presenting a multimedia film in only five days. Our clients were US Fish and Wildlife and the US National Wildlife Refuge System. Canon Professional Services provided access to their full line of lenses, cameras, and accessories as we worked from sun up to sun down in the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. We presented the final product to 500+ attendees prior to the final keynote presentation by Frans Lanting.

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