Gulf Coast - toddamacker

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White-topped Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia leucophylla), Alabama

I had a vision before I ever captured this image of a trio of white-topped pitcher plants (Sarracenia leucophylla) in a seepage bog in Baldwin County, Alabama. As Southern naturalists we are used to ambling along in our favorite longleaf habitat type looking down in search of plants, amphibians, reptiles, lichen, insects, or any of the other (often overlooked) varieties of smaller wildlife that depend on longleaf pine ecosystems.

But I wanted to capture a different perspective; what would this habitat look like to a frog or a grasshopper perched on a nearby pitcher plant, looking up at one of the world's most beautiful flowering plants? Folks have said that in pre-settlement times you could have walked for 500 miles (from present day New Orleans to Tallahassee) without ever leaving such a pitcher plant bog. These carnivorous plants thrive in nutrient poor soils and make up for it by eating a variety of insects, frogs, and lizards.

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