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Todd Amacker is a lifelong student of natural history and spends his free time stalking small creatures in forests and streams. As a published professional photographer, writer, and film-maker, he covers issues dealing with science, nature, and conservation. He has given a voice to the 'Meet Your Neighbours' movement that celebrates common species found all over the world. He also partnered with the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute to create iCaughtOne!, the Southeast's Lake Sturgeon Reporting System.

Before working as a field biologist for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, he taught environmental studies at a private boarding school in rural Limpopo Province, South Africa. He has since founded MozCause, a non-profit organization improving school facilities near Banhine National Park, Mozambique.

B.S. | Environmental Science, University of West Florida | 2008
M.S. |  Wildlife & Fisheries Science, University of Tennessee-Knoxville | 2016

Left: A self-portrait of the photographer in Gaza Province, Mozambique.
Right: The Milky Way galaxy during the African winter, when stars shine at their brightest.

>>> amackertodd@gmail.com

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